Template Class basic_format_args

Class Documentation

template<typename Context>
class fmt::v6::basic_format_args

Formatting arguments.

Public Types

using size_type = int
using format_arg = basic_format_arg<Context>

Public Functions

template<typename ...Args>
basic_format_args(const format_arg_store<Context, Args...> &store)

Constructs a basic_format_args object from ~fmt::format_arg_store.

basic_format_args(const format_arg *args, int count)

Constructs a basic_format_args object from a dynamic set of arguments.

format_arg get(int index) const

Returns the argument at specified index.

int max_size() const

Public Members

const internal::value<Context> *values_
const format_arg *args_


friend class internal::arg_map< Context >