Template Class basic_format_context

Class Documentation

template<typename OutputIt, typename Char>
class fmt::v6::basic_format_context

Public Types

using char_type = Char

The character type for the output.

using iterator = OutputIt
using format_arg = basic_format_arg<basic_format_context>
using parse_context_type = basic_format_parse_context<Char>
template<typename T>
using formatter_type = formatter<T, char_type>

Public Functions

basic_format_context(const basic_format_context&) = delete
void operator=(const basic_format_context&) = delete
basic_format_context(OutputIt out, basic_format_args<basic_format_context> ctx_args, internal::locale_ref loc = internal::locale_ref())

Constructs a basic_format_context object. References to the arguments are stored in the object so make sure they have appropriate lifetimes.

format_arg arg(int id) const
format_arg arg(basic_string_view<char_type> name)
internal::error_handler error_handler()
void on_error(const char *message)
iterator out()
void advance_to(iterator it)
internal::locale_ref locale()