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template<typename Char, typename ErrorHandler = internal::error_handler>
class fmt::v6::basic_format_parse_context : private fmt::v6::internal::error_handler

Parsing context consisting of a format string range being parsed and an argument counter for automatic indexing.

You can use one of the following type aliases for common character types:







Public Types

using char_type = Char
using iterator = typename basic_string_view<Char>::iterator

Public Functions

basic_format_parse_context(basic_string_view<Char> format_str, ErrorHandler eh = ErrorHandler())
iterator begin() const

Returns an iterator to the beginning of the format string range being parsed.

iterator end() const

Returns an iterator past the end of the format string range being parsed.

void advance_to(iterator it)

Advances the begin iterator to it.

int next_arg_id()

Reports an error if using the manual argument indexing; otherwise returns the next argument index and switches to the automatic indexing.

void check_arg_id(int)

Reports an error if using the automatic argument indexing; otherwise switches to the manual indexing.

void check_arg_id(basic_string_view<Char>)
void on_error(const char *message)
ErrorHandler error_handler() const