Template Class printf_arg_formatter

Class Documentation

template<typename Range>
class fmt::v6::printf_arg_formatter

The printf argument formatter.

Public Types

using iterator = typename Range::iterator
using format_specs = typename base::format_specs

Public Functions

printf_arg_formatter(iterator iter, format_specs &specs, context_type &ctx)

Constructs an argument formatter object.

buffer* is a reference to the output buffer and specs contains format

specifier information for standard argument types.

template<typename T, enable_if_t<(fmt::internal::is_integral<T>::value), int> = 0>
iterator operator()(T value)
template<typename T, enable_if_t<(std::is_floating_point<T>::value), int> = 0>
iterator operator()(T value)
iterator operator()(const char *value)

Formats a null-terminated C string.

iterator operator()(const wchar_t *value)

Formats a null-terminated wide C string.

iterator operator()(basic_string_view<char_type> value)
iterator operator()(monostate value)
iterator operator()(const void *value)

Formats a pointer.

iterator operator()(typename basic_format_arg<context_type>::handle handle)

Formats an argument of a custom (user-defined) type.