Class system_error

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Base Type

  • public runtime_error

Class Documentation

class fmt::v6::system_error : public runtime_error

An error returned by an operating system or a language runtime, for example a file opening error.

Public Functions

template<typename ...Args>
system_error(int error_code, string_view message, const Args&... args)

Constructs a fmt::system_error object with a description formatted with fmt::format_system_error. message* and additional arguments passed into the constructor are formatted similarly to fmt::format.


// This throws a system_error with the description
//   cannot open file 'madeup': No such file or directory
// or similar (system message may vary).
const char  filename = "madeup";
std::FILE  file = std::fopen(filename, "r");
if (!file)
  throw fmt::system_error(errno, "cannot open file '{}'", filename);

system_error(const system_error&) = default
system_error &operator=(const system_error&) = default
system_error(system_error&&) = default
system_error &operator=(system_error&&) = default
int error_code() const

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int error_code_