Class DictCompExpr

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

Class Documentation

class seq::DictCompExpr : public seq::Expr

Public Functions

DictCompExpr(Expr *key, Expr *val, For *body, types::Type *dictType, bool realize = true)
void setBody(For *body)
void resolveTypes() override

Performs type resolution on this expression and all sub-expressions/statements/etc. This is called prior to Expr::getType().

llvm::Value *codegen0(BaseFunc *base, llvm::BasicBlock *&block) override

Performs code generation for this expression.


value representing expression result; possibly null if type is void

  • base: the function containing this expression

  • block: reference to block where code should be generated; possibly modified to point to a new block where codegen should resume

types::Type *getType0() const override

Determines and returns the type of this expression.

DictCompExpr *clone(Generic *ref) override

Clones this expression. ref is used internally to keep track of cloned objects, and to make sure we don’t clone certain objects twice.


cloned expression

  • ref: generic object that is being cloned