Class IntNType

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

Class Documentation

class IntNType : public seq::types::Type

Public Functions

IntNType(IntNType const&)
void operator=(IntNType const&)
Value *defaultValue(llvm::BasicBlock *block)

Codegens the default value of this type. Usually this is just what you’d expect: zero for integral types, null for pointer and reference types, recursively defined for aggregate types.


value of the default value

  • block: where to codegen the default value

bool is(Type *type) const

Checks whether this type “is” another type.

void initOps()

Performs a one-time initialization of this type’s methods, including magic methods.

Type *getLLVMType(llvm::LLVMContext &context) const

Returns the LLVM type corresponding to this type.

size_t size(llvm::Module *module) const

Returns the size (in bytes) of the LLVM type corresponding to this type.

Public Static Functions

types::IntNType *get(unsigned len = 32, bool sign = true)

Public Static Attributes

const unsigned MAX_LEN = 2048